IWD (iNet Wireless Daemon) is a wireless daemon for Linux that aims to replace WPA supplicant.


Install the iwd package.

# xbps-install -S iwd

Enable the dbus and iwd services.

# ln -s /etc/sv/dbus /var/service/
# ln -s /etc/sv/iwd /var/service/

Note: To use EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-PEAP based configurations, version ≥4.20 of the kernel is required. Previous kernel versions do not include the necessary cryptographic authentication modules.


IWD provides a command line client, iwctl. It can be used to add, remove, and configure network connections; running it produces an interactive prompt. To list available options, enter help.

$ iwctl

[iwd]# help
                               Available commands
  Commands                                          Description

  adapter list                                      List adapters
  adapter <phy> show                                Show adapter info
  adapter <phy> set-property <name> <value>         Set property

Note: By default, only the root user and those in the wheel group have permission to operate iwctl.

Some useful commands:

[iwd]# device list                                       # List all Wi-Fi devices
[iwd]# device <interface> show                           # Display details of a Wi-Fi device 
[iwd]# station <interface> scan                          # Scan for networks
[iwd]# station <interface> get-networks                  # List networks
[iwd]# station <interface> connect <network-name>        # Connect to a network
[iwd]# station <interface> connect-hidden <network-name> # Connect to a hidden network
[iwd]# station <interface> disconnect                    # Disconnect from a network
[iwd]# known-networks list                               # List known networks
[iwd]# known-networks forget <network-name>              # Forget a known network

Note: iwctl also supports passing commands as arguments.

$ iwctl station <interface> get-networks


Consult the upstream documentation for options and examples available to configure the daemon and networks as described below.

Daemon configuration

The main configuration file is located in /etc/iwd/main.conf. If it does not exist, you may create it.

Network configuration

IWD stores information on known networks, and reads information on pre-provisioned networks from network configuration files located in /var/lib/iwd; IWD monitors the directory for changes. Network configuration filenames consist of the encoding of the SSID followed by .open, .psk, or .8021x as determined by the security type.

A simple example of a WPA2/PSK secured network configuration at /var/lib/iwd/<ssid>.psk contains the pre-shared key, and optionally the plaintext password.